/  Benefits of dead sea


The salts and minerals contained in the waters of the Dead Sea help to counteract the skin’s natural degenerative process, stimulating and invigorating it.

The presence of volcanic thermal sources enriches the qualitative composition of the water, which contains almost all the elements present in nature (37 trace elements) and makes it different from all other seas, making it richer in magnesium and potassium rather than in sodium. The special feature, which makes this sea unique in the world, is the high concentration of salts and minerals, which have been used over the centuries as cosmetics for the beauty and well-being of the whole body.

Dead Sea mud has therapeutic powers and functions:

The natural mud from the Dead Sea stimulates circulation, improves cell regeneration, relieves muscle pain and stress, and improves overall tone and health.
Helps to relieve pain of different nature
Prevents muscle stiffness after exercise.
Relax your muscles and dissipate tension
Relieves arthritic and rheumatic pains and tension headaches
Relieves skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis

They help in the case of:

Arthritic disorders.
Psoriasis, a skin disease that benefits from Dead Sea minerals.
Cellulite which can be eliminated with Dead Sea mud in combination with regular exercise and diet.
Dry skin, which deteriorates with age and benefits from Dead Sea minerals to maintain water balance.
Dead Sea minerals protect against moisture loss.
Stress and insomnia are relieved with relaxing products from the Dead Sea


Sodium ions remove skin scales and improve skin permeability. After penetrating the skin, they generate a sensation of softness. Ideal for very dry skin.



The concentrations of magnesium found in the Dead Sea are forty times higher than the salts of other seas. Magnesium is essential for cellular metabolism. For example, a significant magnesium deficiency was found in the skin scales and serum of patients with psoriasis. Magnesium presumably affects the skin cell maturation of psoriasis patients. Also, in cases of bronchial problems, magnesium works as an anti-allergic, and is also important for bone building, protein production and vitamin D fixation.



Potassium improves oxidation and regulates the electrical process of muscles and the nervous system. Asthmatic patients get good results from inhaling salt vapors.



The bromide concentration is 50 times higher than common salts. The presence of this salt allows to obtain a very relaxing effect.



In addition to other Dead Sea minerals found in smaller quantities, the salt contains a natural tar called bitumen that acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.



Chlorine is needed to maintain the correct alkaline and acid balance in the body, as well as being vital for cell metabolism.



Calcium is needed to strengthen cell membranes. It is also vital for the production and maintenance of healthy teeth and bones, along with the regulation of muscles and the heart nervous system.



Zinc plays a role in the enzymatic regulation of cell reproduction.



It is a mood stabilizer and an antidepressant.