In ancient times, nomads, royal families and Romans traveled across the desert to reach the Dead Sea, whose waters were considered miraculous. The Romans called it Mare Mortuum, we call it the Sea of ​​Life and Fortune.

The Dead Sea is almost six times more mineralized than the ocean! No river flows out of the Dead Sea, the only way the water escapes is evaporation which leaves mineral deposits. At 400 m below sea level, it is the lowest natural place on Earth. Dead Sea minerals contain only 12-18% sodium chloride (97% in common marine minerals); the rest of the Dead Sea minerals are composed of potassium, magnesium, bromide and other minerals.

There are 26 minerals from the Dead Sea, 12 of which are present only there and one rare.

All Dead Sea products have no contraindications and are good for all skin and hair types.

The human body is made up of 4-5% of minerals. With the aging process, smoking, stress and bad eating habits these percentages decrease. Dead Sea products restore these minerals and it is for this reason that these products are suitable for everyone.

The healing power of the Dead Sea

The water of the Dead Sea has 29% salt and mineral content, the highest of all the seas in the world, with a particularly high concentration of Calcium, Magnesium (antiallergic effect), Bromine (relaxing effect) and Bitumen which makes less photosensitive skin and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. The healing power of the air is linked to the special layer of suspended mineral salts, which produce an atmospheric filter. This layer is created by the high evaporation rate, mainly caused by high temperatures throughout the year, low humidity and high atmospheric pressure. Extremely pure and dry air is the richest in oxygen in the world.

For more than 330 days of sunshine a year, the atmospheric layer filters out harmful UVB rays, allowing for a healthy tan, rather than burning the skin. The penetrating UVA rays are suitable for therapeutic purposes, as is the dark peloid mud, which abounds on the shores of the Dead Sea.