The Fortune house is committed to the research and development of natural products based on mineral salts from the Dead Sea. It is a brand among the favorites of the most prestigious hotels and spas in Jordan, it is characterized by its innovative formulas and its rich range of environmentally friendly products.


“It is said that Herod the Great also bathed in the natural pools of the thermal waters of Ma’in to relax from the daily grind”.

We are a group of people with a common goal, that of spreading this line of products which owes its extraordinary properties to the Dead Sea Salt and to the set of minerals and inorganic substances from the depths of the sea.

Our interest in mineral salts and mud treatments was born after a series of trips to different locations in Jordan in search of the best wellness centers, facilities capable of offering a wide range of professional services, including mud applications.

Fortune, has successfully passed several tests and laboratory tests, which confirmed the excellent quality of the products. In 2019 it arrives in Europe and, for emotional reasons, we have chosen Switzerland as a starting point.

Mission: to spread the beneficial properties of the minerals of the Dead Sea.

We are official Fortune importers for Switzerland and Italy.